Sunday, April 3, 2011

Amazing Printable X Rays

Amazing Printable X Rays:

I looked each one of these up on images and compiled them to one large x~ray that we are going to add to our science center. Arent these to cool? I thought the children would love looking at these. I may add them to our science tray with a magnifying glass like our other ones. Just print and add to your activities.


Michelle said...

I purchased some xrays for the light table, can you use these images on the light table?? Will the light shine through?? Because that would be fun, to let them help me make a few. They always seem more interested if they are involved in the creation.

Anonymous said...

X-ray pictures are perfect. Could you send me them on my e-mail? Becasue I do not know, how can I save them.

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