Friday, March 25, 2011

Sensory Glue Rounds With Feely Beads

Sensory Glue Rounds With Feely Beads:

The children helped me make these sensory rounds in tuna fish cans we used and washed out. We added glue in the bottom on the can about a half an inch thick, dropped all these odds and ends pieces of beads and things that we pick up out of no where and we made these awesome glue rounds. I made some for my purse and we added some to our sensory box. These are so awesome. They are very flexible. The glue width will depend on how big your objects are that you want to contain. These are about 2 weeks old. A great texture activity. Enjoy!


mom4 said...

will be making these soon thanks for sharing and like always wonderful ideas

Michelle said...

Cool!! Do you have a problem with the little ones (2's mostly) putting them in their mouth?? I love them and will be making them soon!! I love your creative ideas!! I am glad you keep them coming!!

My HomeMade Montessori Manipulatives said...

Thanks for visiting my pages and all your wonderful comments and support. I just LOVE sharing my ideas as much as I LOVE making these activities. I haven't had any of the children putting them in their mouths yet. They just feel so cool and their little people hand sized and perfect for keeping them busy. Until my next post have a great weekend and visit often. Love the comments, keeps me creating. Hugs. Lisa and children:)

ummcarter said...

I bet you could do cell models like this. What do you think?

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