Tuesday, March 29, 2011


                                                    This is our BUSY BOX that we climb into:

I made this out of a sturdy target box, thank goodness for target that ships a movie in a box this big at Christmas. When I seen it, I about screamed since this was the perfect size for my idea of a busy box. I added metal tuna cans, metal jar lids, adding stickers on the lids so when they are turned, the results change out. Never the same ending result. I attached wood blocks on the inside so the jar lids and wood just spin to build the small muscle skills, attention spans, concentration, one on one activity work to name a few. I added a cheese box to the wooden put your hand through wall so they could put their babies in the window like a mailbox feeling. I found this little mirror at walmart in the bird section and I re-inforced it all around  the edges with glue gun glue. I found this cute frankensteing picture to add a little excitement to the surroundings. Im still looking to add a carpet if I find the right size but until then, its a very chosen favorite. Enjoy this idea!


Michelle said...

This is the box that inspired our boat!! I wanted to make a sensory or music box but just feel that my group would tear it apart. They pull on anything that "might" come off. So when we thought about the boat it seemed a great idea. It also could be used (if the kids don't destroy it :) ) as a sensory box later on. I really do enjoy your posts and look forward to looking at your past post each day... it seems I find something new and exciting everyday!! Thanks!!

My HomeMade Montessori Manipulatives said...

This was so fun to make for the children. I love the boat idea. I seen wooden ones in the Discount School Supply, just never made my own and you inspired me. I love making things and posting them. Sometimes I don't leave my items on long enough for friends to see them. This is one of my favorites and I wanted to show it again. Its so awesome. Thanks for visiting. I love the comments and friendships.

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