Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making Teddies to Beddies Tray

Making Teddies to Beddies Tray: Share:

You can make a teddies to beddies tray by searching out plastic necklace bears or animals that are straight in shape so they will fit inside of the cubes of ice cube trays. You will need two ice cube trays to transfer back and forth transferring teddies to one bed then back to the resting tray. They can also be pulled from a holding tray like in our tray here and then placed in one ice cube tray. All  items need to be put on a tray for carrying to table. I purchased my teddies from Oriental Trading, my ice cube trays I had, the brown transfer tray, I believe used to hold some kind of bullets and has been salvaged, washed and sterilized for our use.

Teaches children: care and empathy, builds attention spans, improves eye and hand coordination, builds small muscle skills, left to right work, concentration, taking care of a pet, following directions to name a few.


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