Monday, March 28, 2011

Barbecue Grills to welcome Spring

I made these barbecue grills from boxes that were really sturdy and the perfect size. I found a dish drying rack and took it apart and used it on the top of both grills by poking holes through the one side of each box with a pen, threaded yarn onto a bobby pin and pushed it through the holes and repeated about 20 times. Now the lids lift up to add and remove food, pans, food turners and more. I found a table cloth that had circles on it on clearance for .50 and I thought it looked like briquets so I made little rectangled pillows and fit them inside the box on two sides. I hot glued a cardboard strip down the middles on two sides to hold the pillow briquets in and left space in the middle for the cooking utensils on the one grill. I covered one in a blue and white table cloth to look like a picnic theme. I also put a small plate on card board and traced around it to make burners. Then I tied them on with the same technique as I did with the grill tops. They turned out so adorable. And it all stays self contained when they are both not in use. I added buttons and lids that actually turn by adding a piece of wood on the inside that I attached the screw through once the button and baby food jar lid went through the box. So, its all realistic and fun. Challenge their imaginations. Here is another picture to see what they turned out like. Enjoy!

1 comment:

cara said...

My teacher school supply is running low. I love the homemade barbecue grills. My kids love to grill like daddy. I'm anxious to try out this idea.

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