Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Smaller Color Progression Box HomeMade

Smaller Color Progression Box HomeMade:

This is my second "Color Progression Box" that I have made homemade. The one I made last week, was way to large in color choices for the younger children that I guide and care for. This one may be to large yet, but I won't know until I put it out in our choices. I decided to scatter the colors and make them bold to start them out with. Then carry on to the larger one with patterns and more "like colors." This one contains approx. 24 pinching clothes pins. I re-inforced the pinching walls with a second layer of thick cardboard and layers of mod podge and it will last a long time to come. When I took these pictures, it was still drying. I hope to include this in our choices this week, room permitted on the shelf or next week when I rotate.

1 comment:

mom4 said...

very cool and neat i will need to make one for march or april thanks from sharing

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