Tuesday, January 18, 2011



This week I am introducing a TODDLER Science and Sensory Exploration Area for my Toddlers. They like the sensory activities so much that I decided to expand on their interests. I took a big box, hot glued my 1.50 a yard sensory material on all sides of it. Then, I made 4 smaller boxes to keep individual activities in and sorted so the children can learn to sort and put things back. I added bright materials to each small box inside and out and then re-inforced the strength on the inside with more cardboard panels or strips (depending on how strong the box was). The first box (daisies) has free tiles for siding samples in it hot glued back to back. I got these at Lowes in the siding sample isle. The second box (turtles) has free counter top tile samples in hot glue back to back. I put them on a double strand of yarn. They have different textures and colors when they are touched. The third box (60's flowers) has the same as the second one but different colors and textures. The fourth box (the colorful diamonds) has our sensory jewerly rounds in it made from our salt playdough recipe and hardened for texture feeling. Then I added an egg carton with rocks that have some defaults in them, hot glued them down so the children could feel the lines, circles and odd touches of them and also added a magnifying glass so they could see these imperfections as well. The whole exploration center cost me 1.00 for the magnifying glass and .50 for the rocks from Dollar General Store. A "new" science and sensory  hands on area to add for a little cost.


Montessori At Home! said...

Hi Lisa,

Really like your site! I would like to ask permission to use some of your photos in the new iPad edition I'm doing now of my eBook, Montessori At Home! I always include credit & links. I think your photos would look great, & I'd be happy to feature your blog in various places in the book.

I'd also like to send a free copy of the current PDF edition of Montessori At Home! to you.

My email is

Thanks for considering!

John Bowman

Montessori At Home! said...

Hi again lisa,

I typed my email wrong, it's:

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