Friday, December 31, 2010



I have accumulated a lot of items to count, sort and use as props. There is no limits on what I classify a prop as. I can find them in many places such as:

wood shapes from Craft Stores
buttons from crafting stores
erasers from school supply stores
beads from school supply stores
hair accessories from any store
counters from school supply stores
shells from beaches
necklace props from oriental trading
stickers from the dollar store
dinosaurs from Dollar General
coins from any store or bank
jar lids to recycle from jars
plastic candy canes from christmas sections
cars from Walmart
blocks from any store
rattles, binkys from maternity stores
foam shapes from any craft store
letters and numbers from any store
puzzle pieces from any store
farm animals from any store
gem stones from any Walmart
mini fruits from any store
mini vegetables from any store
acorns from Walmart
sticks from outside trees
Pinecones from Walmart
printable cards found on internet
thread spools recycled from thread
beans from any store
noodles from any store
small balls from any store
candy from any store
froot loops from any store

The ideas are endless. The best place I like to look is at Deals Dollar Store in the hair accessory isle. I cut them off of decorated rubber bands. They are so unique. I found so many different ones. One I found is little plastic tena shoes and they are the childrens most favorite.

I store all of our props in recycled juice containers. Its seems like the easiest way for me the past 20 years in working with children. Other ideas can be envelopes, ziplock baggets, cans, small boxes, etc... The ideas are endless like searching for them.

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