Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sensory House #2

This is my SENSORY PLAYHOUSE NUBER 2. I show what it looked like before and what it looks like now. I had some wood laying around and a dresser. So, I built the sensory house around the shape of the dresser drawer. The woman at lowes recommended orange because it was halloween. I have since put real bumpy material in the bottom for sensory stimulation on the children's feet. The drawer buttons I left on this house because they stay cold and the children like to feel them before they get inside and "work."

I used many sensory materials I had just around the daycare center. The mirrors were left over from a little playhouse that was kind of small so I added them to both Sensory Houses.  Check out my very first Sensory house on by blog as well. I try to add different items to each house. Every day they come in to see what is new in the SENSORY House.

This is what the sensory house looked like as a thought. lol

This is my thought starting to come to life as our sensory house.

This is the sensory house being painted after hours.

This is after I added a SENSORY BLOCK SHELF for blocks.

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