Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toddler New Texture Sensory Balls

I want to share some of my new orbs with all of you. These are really fun to make. All you need to styrofoam white foam balls, a glue stick gum, glue sticks and the creative materials of your choice. Here are more that we have made. The tac was an idea I found searching blogs and it was a lot harder to do. But the pompoms give you an instant result and they are so bright for everyones eyes. Jeans and older shirts at the seams are fun to glue. The red one is cut up egg cartons recycled and was a challenge but fun. A lot of layers on that one, then spray painted. The green milk carton was fun to do as well. The ideas are endless. Leave us a comment to keep us posting our CREATIVE SIDE. All pictures are copyrighted by Our Creative Side. Feel free to link to our blog. Have a great day and enjoy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Textured Sensory Fossils Art Display for Toddlers

After visiting some of my favorite blogs yesterday, I seen one on making a textured art print. And this is my interpetation since I couldn't run to the store to get texture medium or anything. This was the ending product, but I show a tutorial of what steps that I went through.

The recipe is at the bottom of this page. I chose to add these beans to my mixture.
 I experiminted with two different textures. The one on this page is the the left. The one on the right, I added  a half a cup of elmers glue, too. Its a totally different texture. I can not imprint on the right but on the left with no problem. The glue recipe, is really stickey. Takes forever to dry.
 Here is the one on the right after I textured it with a ring that had a flower on it, looks very much like a pizzelle italian cookie, buttons, a lego, shell, etc....
Makes such adorable imprints.
 Here it is again.
Here it is again.

 I started painting the shapes of each specific texture certain colors and finished it up with a light purple paint.
And walah. Here is my finished product

Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 No Sew Felt Hats


                               This was made the same and has cardboard in between the felt as well

 These felt hats I made out of felt and yarn, there is no sewing in this hat. These are lined with cardboard that is hid between two pieces of felt. I put these together free hand. This is the favorite of all the hats that I have introduced to the children.


This was made the same and has cardboard in between the felt as well.


This was made the same and has cardboard in between the felt as well


This was made the same and has cardboard in between the felt as well.

All pictures are copyrighted by MY HOMEMADE MONTESSORI MANIPULATIVES  but feel free to link back to our blog.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nature Jars for Sensory Area

I made these NATURE JARS for our sensory station area. I used mayonaise jars. Found acorns and extra nick nacks to add to each jar. Bug Balls I found at Walmart. Tree limbs are from outside. The children love to pick these up, examine each one and notice new things in them. I hot glued the lids on. The bug balls are a big hit.

Sensory Walk Way made for FREE

I made this SENSORY WALK WAY out of a sanded long piece of wood and extra colored blocks. After seeing all the expensive sensory walk ways for indoor and outdoor use, this is my interpetation of what I wanted to offer. I made this for free. I spaced the wood blocks leaving about a tenth of an inch so there would be texture offered along with the wood sensory feel. The children like to use this everyday. These pictures are copyrighted but a link back to our blog is encouraged. Leave us a comment to keep us posting our CREATIVE SIDE.


This is a NATURE CENTER STATION that we made this week. I am bringing the outside in with tree twigs, bridges, rocks, fish and more. I super glued everything in this nature center station. There is no wrong or right materials to add to a nature center so if your looking to make one, feel free to use some of my ideas or create your own. I made the bridges out of craft sticks and old antique wood. It can be as simple or complicated as you want to spend your time doing. All pictures are copyrighted by myself but feel free to link to my blog. Leave us a comment to keep adding our CREATIVE SIDE.


Creative Texture Sensory Sticks~ I made these by using textured feely balls cut in half, pom poms, small buttons, large buttons, string, yarn, beans, 3-d cardboard characters for the children to touch and feel. I hot glued each item on and added them to our science and nature area. All pictures are copyrighted by myself but a link to my blog is encouraged. Leave us a comment to keep us sharing our CREATIVE SIDE. For storage, use a butter dish, box, bag for added investigation and curiousity.

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